Structural Project Gallery

Blast Furnace Duct Collector

FEA Stress plot heavy industrial dust collector

Static Analysis

  • Shell & solid elements
  • Stress distributions & deflections
  • > 2 million DOF

World's Largest Vacuum Chamber

FEA Stress plot large vacuum chamber

Static analysis

  • Section 8 Div 2
  • Buckling analysis
  • >1 Million DOF
  • Shell & Solid elements with contact
  • Stress distributions, displacements, buckling load factors
  • Anchor loads

Construction Equipment

FEA Stress plot construction equipment front end loader

Static Analysis

  • Large assembly analysis
  • >100 components directly from CAD geometry
  • Inter component load estimates

ROPS Analysis

FEA Analysis stress plot roll over protection analysis

Roll Over Protection Analysis

  • Non-linear large deflection analysis with plasticity
  • Calculation of energy absorption
  • Tuning of the load/displacement response

Threaded Joint Analysis

FEA stress plot threaded connection

Failure Investigation

  • Peak stress quantification
  • develop and quantify redesign
  • Estimate fatigue life

 Plastic Part Analysis

FEA stress plot plastic mobility aid

Analysis of a bath Tub Mobility Aid

  • Non-linear large displacement analysis with material non-linearity
  • Stress distributions
  • Deflections
  • Margin of safety

Contact Stress Analysis

FEA stress plot hertzian contact

Precision Instrument Kinematic Mount

  • Accurate Hertzian contact stress distributions


 Packaged Building Buckling

FEA Buckling mode shape plot packaged building

Design analysis

  • Buckling load factor prediction
  • Stress and deflection analysis

Fatigue Life Estimates

FEA stress plot press tool  fitting

Static Analysis

  • Peak stress quantification
  • Life Estimation

Cell Tower Bolted Connection

FEA stress plot cell tower bolted connection

Static Analysis

  • Joint redesign
  • Cost optimization
  • Stress and deflections

Transportation Tank Analysis

FEA stress plot sheet metal transportation tank

 Static an Non-Linear analysis

  • Deflections
  • Post yield stress distribution
  • Shell modeling

Thermal Stability Analysis of Instrument support

FEA deflection plot carbon fiber instrument support truss

Carbon Fibre Truss Analysis

  • Assess thermally induced distortions
  • Carbon Fiber tube construction
  • Beam element model



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