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Redstone Six is capable of FEA, FEM, CFD, and Multibody Dynamics/Analysis

CFD streamline and velocity plot packed bed reactorAdvanced Finite  Element Modeling and Analysis (FEM/FEA) with capabilities in structural, thermal and coupled analysis including linear, non-linear, static, dynamic, post buckling, acoustics, sloshing  and others.

Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis (CFD)
with capabilities for steady state and transient flows, incompressible and compressible (with  shock capturing) with multiple  species, heat transfer, rotating frames, particle tracking,  cavitation, and other effects.

Thermal analysis (CFD/FEA)
with  transient and steady state capabilities supporting all heat transfer modes: radiation, convection (with solution of flow equations) and conduction.

Multi-body dynamics
including, , kinematic, dynamic, contact, impact, frictional effects, flexible body analysis. 

We hold a Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and are licensed to practice professional engineering in the Province of Ontario Canada.

We are eligible to registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate, Canada.


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