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Experts in Mechanical FEA, CFD, Multibody Dynamic and Multi-Discipline Analysis

FEA Stress plot large vacuum chamber

We have general expertise over a wide range of physics, application areas and technologies. We can supply a specific analysis or we can also provide methods development - that is to say figure out the most appropriate method to solve a particular class of problem to meet your needs.

Mechanical  structural analysis including statics, dynamics, non-linearities, large displacement contact, buckling, crippling (local buckling), post buckling, hyper-elastic materials, composite materials, fatigue, optimization, non-linear dynamic & multi-body impacts.

Thermal analysis including electronics cooling simulations, instrument thermal simulations, thermal processing equipment simulations and others.

Fluid dynamics analysis including  pressure drop predictions, flow distribution predictions (manifolds), industrial process modeling (ovens, inertial  separators, defrosting, cooling systems, reactors, heat exchangers, etc), aerodynamic calculations and phenomena, flow management and control strategies, etc.

Mechanism design and analysis including cams, multi-element linkages, actuator, spring and damper sizing, prediction of motion induced vibrations and their attenuation.


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