Flow/thermal Project Gallery


Electronic Cooling Analysis of Ground Based Sensor

CFD temperature and streamline plot ground based lidar

Ambient convective cooling thermal analysis

  • High feature density
  • Temperature distributions
  • Component max temperature
  • Max case temperature

Coal Combustion Over fire Air System

CFD pressue and streamline plot coal combustor over fire system

Incompressible Flow Analysis                    

  • Pressure drop estimation
  • Mass flow Balancing
  • Flow visualization

Electronic Cooling Analysis of Airborne High Power Sensor

CFD heat transfer coefficient plot airborne lidar

Forced convection thermal analysis

  • High energy dissipation with low temp rise on specific components
  • Very high component and feature densities
  • Fan induced mass flows
  • Max component temperatures

 Parabolic Dish Antennas Loads

CFD streamline plot parabolic dish antenna

Wind Load Estimation

  • Loads for multiple angles of attack
  • High lift case shown at left
  • All Load predictions validated to <10% of published experimental values

 Automotive Interior Vent Evaluation

CFD velocity plot automotive interior vent

Velocity on Target Estimates

  • Estimate flow velocities at target to ensure compliance with requirements
  • Pressure drop and flow rate estimates


 Wing Pylon Mounted Sensor

CFD turbulent energy plot aircraft mounted sensor

Instrument Velocity Field Predictions

  • Turbulent energy estimates at sensor
  • Velocity distribution along sensing line
  • Sensor prod drag estimates


 Commercial Air Return

CFD streamline and velocity plot commecial kitchen diffusor

Velocity Field Tunning

  • Optimize perforated plates for uniform discharge velocity


 Electric Vehicle Battery

CFD temperature plot electric car battery cooling

Forced Air Battery Cell Cooling Analysis

  •  Temperature distribution in cell
  • Cooling  air temperature distrubtion


Data Center Thermal Management

CFD temperature plot Data Center Cooling Simulation

Thermal/Flow Analysis

  • Model air distribution and heat transfer
  • Estimate individual cabinet inlet temperatures


 Cyclone with Integrated Bag House

CFD streamline and velocity plot cyclone separator and bag house

Flow Path Modeling                       

  • Visualize flow
  • Estimate velocities


Natural Convection Cooling Analysis

CFD streamline plot natural convection power supply

Thermal Response of Mounting Orientations


  • Various orientations assessed
  • Estimate max component temperatures
  • Visualize flow field


Reactor Flow Modeling

CFD streamline and velocity plot packed bed reactor

Packed Bed Reactor Flow Model

  • Assess inlet geometries
  • Assess flow distribution and velocity variations in bed
  • Examine outlet effects 


Oil/Water Separation

CFD streamline, particle trajectories and velocity plot oil water separator

 Oil/Water Separation Model

  • Accurate velocity field prediction
  • Largrangian particle tracking.
  • Predict location of critical transport velocity surface
  • Minimize outlet effects
  • Assess inlet manifold


Bakery Proofer Flow Modeling

CFD streamline and velocity plot bakery bread proofer

 Velocity Field Predictions

  • Assess velocity filed to various ducting systems
  • Optimize ducting to minimize velocity variations through out device


Submerged Inlet Duct

CFD NACA submerged inlet streamline plot showing vortex generation

Validation Study

  • Predict vortex formation
  • asses response to published experimental data


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